Bookkeeping & Payroll Outsourcing Advantages

In today's face-pace and changing times, business bookkeeping and payroll outsourcing is considerably becoming a key strategy for many small businesses and individuals.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services allows you to concentrate on your core business activities by saving both time and money and increase your productivity as well as profit level.

Save Time & Money

In today's competitive environment cost control and time saving are becoming more and more important attributes for business bottom line success. Outsourcing non-core business activities like bookkeeping allows you to concentrate on your core business activities.

More Time - for other activities. We take the burden out of managing receivables and payables. You will have more time to focus your energies and resources on your core business.

Relieve Stress – by reducing your paperwork, knowing where you stand financially, and being assured that you will be able to manage your business with accurate information.

Reduce Cost – by eliminating the need to hire staff, you pay only for the services you need. We can provide the services of an in-house bookkeeper and corporate controller. Our services will help you reduce your year-end fees, by making it easy to provide your accountant with bookkeeping records in a professional manner for the preparation of applicable tax returns.

Accuracy - Our bookkeeping services strictly follows all accounting standards with high level of security. 

Save on Staffing & Software

Our services include preparation and maintenance of all daily bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounting activities eliminating the time and costs of in-house bookkeeping staff, as well as the need to purchase, learn and support bookkeeping software. 

Reduce Accountant Costs

In addition, our bookkeeping service should help reduce your year-end fees, by making it easy to provide your accountant with bookkeeping records in as professional manner for the preparation of financial statements and applicable tax returns.

Affordable Services

Our billing rates range from $25 to $40 per hour based on the services that you require and the level of expertise needed. We are dedicated to customize our services to your needs.

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